Sunday, October 19, 2008

German Dinner

Our German Dinner

We had a German Dinner on Saturday Night for our Home Learning Group.
We had a great variety of contributed dishes. We had a child's game for the younger ones to play, a geography lesson & a trivia game, too!
Fun, fun!

I made Red Cabbage with Apples & a Beef/ Tomato/Cabbage soup, like a goulash.
We also had:

  • spaetzle
  • sauerbraten
  • sausages & more cabbage
  • 2 other kinds of soup/stews; one with ham/potato & one with pork & root vegetables.
  • Meat in fried dough, kinda like bierocks
  • fried dough with powdered sugar
  • oatmeal cookies w/ raisins
  • Apple Turnover Cake
  • cucumber/onion salad